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The Clan Wars matchmaking system has been overhauled with fairness of matching in mind. It aims to provide a more competitive and fun warring experience for all Clans. Due to these changes, some Clans might find they have to wait a little longer than the average 5-minute to minute matchmaking time they are used to. The changes coming to Clan Wars matchmaking are as follows: In the Clash of Clans dev team, we know well that Clashers in the war community are very passionate about this subject. For those interested in more details, read on for additional discussion about the changes that will be going live during the next update. Previously, the system placed equal weight between offensive army and defensive village progress, allowing for confusing war matchups between players with relatively over-strong or over-weak defenses. At the same time, matchmaking calculations have been rebalanced with the goal of better representing village progress. Previously, a village could be carefully manicured to hide a powerful defense or troop from matchmaking. For example, a player could intentionally not build X-Bows and under-upgrade other defenses to hide an Inferno Tower from matchmaking, and be treated as a TH9-level defense.

Bad matchmaking.

Whether vehicles are stock or fully researched, how they are equipped, nor crew skill is taken into account by the match-maker. Vehicle Tier Vehicle tier is not taken into consideration when balancing teams. This is a common misconception among players.

Mar 03,  · ‘Clash Of Clans’ Next Update To Fix Clan Wars Matchmaking By Favoring Defense And Strategy Hey guys for this video i decided to post a video on .

Summary Clan Wars is a feature that was added in the Version 6. Bonus loot is your prize for winning the war. The bonus can be increased by winning attacks , but most of it is lost if your clan loses the war. Once a Co-Leader or Leader starts a Clan war search, the clan is put into the matchmaking pool, and it may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours for the matchmaking process to find a suitable clan in war.

While the Clan War search is ongoing, Co-Leaders or Leaders can cancel the war search at any time, but once a match is found, canceling the war can no longer be done and the war enters its preparation day. Strength calculations have been updated in Clan Wars matchmaking to compensate for high level walls and heroes, skeleton traps, etc. There is no cooldown for Clan Wars. A Clan war search can be started as long as the clan is not currently in a war, whether it be a normal Clan War or a Friendly War.

The members that will go to war are determined by the Clan Leader, the leader chooses the players that will participate among all those members who opt in for Clan Wars. If you wish to not participate in a Clan War you can Opt-Out. You can do this by visiting your Player Profile and clicking the “Clan Wars” button and it will ask you if you prefer to be in the war or not.

Click “I’m Out” if you would like to be left out, click “I’m In” if you would like to be in the war. Leaders can still choose players that have chosen to opt-out by default, and can always leave out players that have chosen to opt-in by default. Members are also not eligible for a war if they have left a clan with the member currently participating in a war; this status remains until that clan finishes their war e.

Clash of Clans Clan Wars Matchmaking Update and Improvements

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Clan Matchmaking Troubles (Changes are coming sooner) Together with the March Update we’ve also seen a new matchmaking algorithm that is supposed to finish the issues of mismatches and bring back more thrill to Clan War.5/5.

The game will be improved and it will raise the quality of war matchups, so if you want to enjoy the new gaming experience, we suggest you to install this update right away. It seems that the developers have overhauled the matchmaking system of the Clan War and from now on, it will provide a more competitive and fun warring experience for all Clash of Clans players. Because of these changes, some Clans of Clans players will need to wait a bit longer than the average 5min min matchmaking time that they are used to.

Here is more information about what the new Clan Wars Matchmaking comes with: Team compositional checks have been added in order to remove imbalanced war matchups. However, keep in mind that this new matchmaking system will not guarantee perfect matches all the time, which means that sometimes you will notice that a Clan is way weaker than another one and will still be matched to fight with each other.


Originally posted by LordJestix View Post 1. Those lower level players can easily create a more appropriate alliance for their age. Its not throwing skill out the window.

How Clan War Matchmaking Works Basically, you and your clan members get points for everything you have – you get defensive points depending on the Levels of each of your Defenses, you get attacking points for your Troop Levels and Spell Levels, your Heroes levels, and what you, theoretically, could create to attack someone.

Clan War Map Strategy: The minute differences for both sides however make the map favor certain teams in small areas and thus for competitive play there minute differences will alter how you approach Lakeville. The negative aspect of the northern team is that your artillery cover is less effective in the town since your main cover is slanted towards the enemies base where there is a good chance artillery will be in the D line or behind church. For the valley the northern team has an easier time advancing to the focal hill dividing both teams but on the flip side it is slightly harder to defend against an advancing attack if they make it past that hill.

The upside is that you have more cover from artillery in the G line and behind the church. It is also easier for tanks positioned near the base to fire into the town mainly to hit tanks behind the church compared to the northern team that has limited options unless they move out of the safety of the base. The slope of the central hill in the valley makes cresting it slightly harder and initial pushes over it can be difficult if you encounter decent defenses. This works well against clans who rush over to the city and do not take the appropriate measures to remain hidden while doing so.

It also is very flexible since you can defend or attack via the city while having the central group capable of returning to base. The goal here is to 1 spot, 2 clear middle road, 3 hit tanks going to town safely. Make sure that Squad E not the medium moves north if spotted. During this initial phase Squad G another mobile medium will be spotting the valley as safe as possible. Heavies are best since they will need to be able to take a beating if they are stuck defending.

The one TD in squad D is merely a indication for something with heavy armor since it can be hit from the middle road if it fails.

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Firstly, thank you to Supercell for very nice additions and tweaks to the game, they are welcomed. I’m particularly looking forward to mass Witch attacks again and even a revival in GoHog. Secondly, speculation as to what ‘Continued balancing changes to Clan Wars matchmaking‘ actually means is being debated.

The changes coming to Clan Wars matchmaking are as follows: not to mention the entire Clan War experience. Clash of Clans Update: 7 Things We Want Next Gem Mine 1 / 7. Views. Share This. Clan, Clans, Clash, improved, Update. Previous article Rumored iPhone 7 .

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Follow this guide to hear about updates If you find yourself being attacked by just one soldier, it is probably because the other player is trying to lower their trophy count, and in turn make it more likely for them to get ranked up against easier players in Matchmaking. This takes place against real-life, human opponents. The opponent you are matched up with them depends entirely on your Trophies. The goal is the same whether you are playing against AI or human players, but with humans you can opt to pay the Gold required to find a match again if you don’t like the look of the enemy base.

This means that you are not forced into trying to beat an enemy that is stronger than you and, providing you have the Gold, you can search around until you find a base that you like the look of. Players have started deliberately losing Trophies so that they can then be matched up against weaker opponents next time.

The clan’s total war rank is the sum of all of our war weights and that, in conjunction with war win streaks, is what Supercell’s Clan War Matchmaking algorithm uses to determine matches in Clan Wars.

In Air Realistic mode, matchmaking is performed based on the aircraft selected for the battle. Since the vehicles not selected cannot be used in the battle, there is no need to include them in the calculation. In Ground Forces Arcade mode, matchmaking is performed based on the tank with the highest BR in the set. In Ground Forces Realistic mode, matchmaking is performed based on the tank or aircraft with the highest BR in the entire set depending on which vehicle has the highest BR.

Many players have a preference for several modes. For their convenience, there is a ” vehicle preset ” mechanism, which allows players to save preferred and frequently used vehicle arrangements in their hangar. This allows players to prepare for any type of battle in just a few clicks. Matchmaking by Bracket Air Simulator battles use this matchmaking method.

When the player opens the Air SB interface, they will see several identical missions where the only difference is the BR of the permitted aircraft. All you have to do is select the desired battle rank and assemble the required aircraft in your set. When the player opens the Tanks SB interface, the names of the vehicles permitted for the current battle will be clearly displayed. Battles are regularly updated, so the team composition options also change.

Tournament Matchmaking A relatively broad but simple matchmaking method. Can be done differently for every tournament.

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Jul 06,  · For us the new matching system is a catastrophe. 2 wars in a row with a ridiculous amount of glory to win for us. 5 points, now only 1 point.. For the 5 points to win, the war is not even fair for our opponents, we are so much strongers than us.

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Guide to Clan Wars matchmaking in Clash of Clans

See above As I said I believe that the match making is base don the highest player in your 8 person team. It’s possible that I could be wrong, the wiki suggests I am. However, I’ve seen no evidence that I am. Your experience can be explained if I am right. Your highest player has points. The top players have about points.

This guide will give you some tips and strategies on how to increase your war win ratio and win more clan wars. Top notch service! we have a couple of low level alts at the bottom that we can throw in to start the matchmaking.

There are some things that you as the individual participant can do right and wrong and your upgrading is one part. In this post, you will see some techniques in your upgrading behavior that might help you perform better overall. Simply spoken, each upgrade you do makes your Clan appear stronger in the matchmaking algorithm, no matter how much this upgrade helps you individually.

This leads to the second point. You want to prioritize upgrades that will help you a lot. These will make you stronger overall and not only make you count stronger in the total matchmaking weight. Defensive Power I know there are some hardcore strategies out there — the. In this post I want to talk about the general things you should consider when upgrading with the clear focus of helping you in Clan War. The matchmaking algorithm is checking a lot of things, but the two main things is the Town Hall structure of your Clan and the total War Weight of your Clan.

You see, keeping your War Weight low means you might have the good luck to get an easier matchup in Clan War.

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The Clan Wars matchmaking system has been overhauled with fairness of matching in mind. It aims to provide a more competitive and fun warring experience for all Clans. The changes coming to Clan Wars matchmaking are as follows:

Ohno (July — August ) On July 18th, , FCTFCTN forms the team Ohno with some of his friends from competitive matchmaking. Ohno’s first action as a team would be to try to qualify for the ESL Overwatch Atlantic Showdown – Gamescom.

Donated troops are permanent during the Clan War. Make sure your entire Clan has their Clan Castles full of troops. Make sure your Town Hall is inside your base. All towers will be fully charged for each defense. Buildings that are being upgraded during the Clan War will be set to their lowest level and active. Don’t attack Town Halls below your level because you’re taking attacks away from your Lower Level members. Use these 24 hours to develop the best strategy. You get two chances to attack two different bases.

The troops you build in your normal base will be used to attack in the Clan War. Make sure your Heroes are at full health before attacking so they can be used during the Clan War attack. Your Clan Castle is automatically recharged with donated troops between attacks.

Clan war matchmaking broken after March 2016 update.

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