THE INSTALL BAY CIGF 12-Volt Cigarette Lighter Adapter Plug, Female

How do you sharpen a lawn mower blade? Clean the blade and notice that the sharpened edge has an angle or slope on it. That is the required angle for sharpening. Mower blade manufacturers recommend sharpening with a file instead of a grinder or grinding tool. If you have plenty of time for sharpening, filing will remove less steel from the blade and help the blade last longer. There are grinding stones made especially for sharpening mower blades available at Walmart or any place that sell house and garden supplies. These stones attach to the end of a drill and come with instructions on the package on how to use. A right angle grinder will do the fastest job, but will remove much metal..


After I brought it over to the bench I could see what was going on. Unless you’re a friggin Eagle I doubt you would see these while trying to work on it inside of your Jeep! The 2 Raised Tabs are part of the plastic ring that fits inside the Bezel and houses the Socket. These Tabs hook inside 2 small holes of the Socket. I ended up using very tiny flat head screw drivers to apply pressure to them as I pressed from back to front on the Socket.

It would’ve helped to have 3 hands!

12VDC Car Cigarette Lighter Socket 4-Way Splitter with USB Port With the plethora of 12VDC plug appliances now available, your car’s single cigarette lighter socket seems somewhat insufficient. This socket splitter enables you to power up to four 12VDC plug appliances at once.

But while Hollywood was right to show Private Henry Hook as a hero, the rest of his screen depiction was fiction. In reality Private Hook was a teetotal lay preacher who had been awarded good conduct pay shortly before the battle that led to him winning the Victoria Cross. Now his reputation is being restored after a campaign conducted by historians and backed by his former regiment.

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Bestek advantageamericas leading power inverter brand One of the new comers and featured product 2. Makes beautiful usb ports with classic and higher-grade materials. Additionally, the cigarette lighter usb ports is available in a total of 2 different colors: Almost all buyers opine that the usb port is easy to see on the digital readout.

Why we like this: The cigarette lighter usb ports is suitable for 12v v models this cigar lighter plug is suitable for different size of the charging port and power port.

May 08,  · You don’t need a charger, just hook it up to your car when driving. (Assuming your box is 12V and your car is 12V) Cigarette lighter will be weak though – better to run a separate fused connection to your starting battery that you can plug in or switch on once you’re running, look at something like the Anderson Powerpole connectors and some decent gauge wire to go along with it.

Then using your rotary tool cut the forms out and trim them to fit. Glue the “triangle” pieces into the ash tray. Next you will need to take apart the cigarette lighter splitter to retrieve the sockets and any leds or switches that may be included. Additionally, you will want ports that have a bit of a lip at the top for seamless installation Cut all the connections from within the adapter, we will be wiring ours up ourselves. Next take one of the sockets and place it facedown onto the plastic piece cut out for the right corner, trace the circle around the lip onto the plastic.

Cut out the circle with your rotary tool or a drill, be sure to periodically check to see if your socket will fit though the hole you’ve made, you want it to be snug and the circle you drew will be inherently too large due to the lip. As for the LED you need to have a little resistor to make sure the 12v power source doesn’t fry it once again my adapter had one so I just used it.

Next comes the wiring, for this I used some automotive wire from Wal-Mart which I believe is 9 gauge cigarette lighter sockets have a positive on the bottom and the inner shell is a negative so they are pretty simple to wire up. Use your soldering iron to connect the components as shown and the use your hot glue gun to cover the connections or not, I do so it can’t come lose or short Give yourself a bit of extra wire for the positive and negative wire that will be going to the add a circuit.

Keep in mind that these two parts will need to be constructed separately and then connected once they have been glued into position within the ash tray, or you can do one with really long wires on the section that connects it to the other socket then run them to the other side of the ashtray and connect them directly to the solder points of the second socket.

Hot glue the plastic to the already in place triangle pieces and the edges of the ash tray, be sure to leave about an inch of space from the top of the ashtray to insure easy opening and closing of the unit Next you will want to cut the end off of the add a circuit or leave it if you have the appropriate connector splice in a nice length of wire, I used about 2 feet, run this wire under your dash to the area where the ashtray is mounted.

See that screw behind the ashtray? That’s a perfect ground for our unit. Wire up your ground to the screw and wire your positive to the length of wire that you ran from the add a circuit Close the ashtray.


Thomas Edison, for example, understood that resistance to the flow of electricity created heat, and with enough current flow, light. In time, he learned if the filament were placed in a perfect vacuum void of oxygen, it would glow brightly without burning up. The electric light was born. The electric light, however, is only a small part of what electricity does in our classic Fords.

Mustang Cigarette Lighter Element/Knob Set () Installation Instructions Mustang Scott Drake Ignition Switch Assembly () Installation Instructions Mustang Scott Drake Dome Light Assembly () Installation Instructions.

HQRP 20W Mono-crystalline Solar Panel Use of solar chargers for cars is both economical since you use the sun which is a free resource and also environment friendly. To benefit more from your solar charger, just make sure you place the panel on the windscreen where it can receive the sunlight well. To connect it, there are crocodile clips provided that you can use to connect directly to the battery or via a cigarette lighter socket. A solar charger for your car should be powerful enough for reliability and this means its power output has to be very high.

The charger has a 2. It is used for lightweight automobiles such as cars as well as small boats and motorbikes.

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Not enough 12v outlets. Consolidate any devices drawing power from a USB port to have its own port. Finding a fuse to tap into was easy. Since I have a Prerunner I could tap into the 4×4 circuit without affecting anything. AACs have two fuse slots, one for the primary circuit you’re tapping in to and one for the circuit you’re adding.

Jun 10,  · Re: installing a 12v cigarette lighter what size wire and what size fuse? Wow this couldn’t have been easier. Went to Radio Shack and bought a 12v outlet, hook the pos and neg right up to the fuse block and mounted it under the steering wheel facing downward with the included plastic mounting bracket.

How portable do you want your solar generator to be? Think about how heavy and large it should be? Are you going to use a hand truck to carry around a huge toolbox filled with batteries and a large solar panel or do you want a tiny one that will fit in your glove box? The wiring and concept will be the same for either size so the choice is yours. I wanted something in between that I could carry but still had some decent capacity to do some work. The Container First I bought a case that would be a good jumping off point that I could fit a 10 watt solar panel on and in.

Here you can see the 10 watt solar panel is removable and attached with velcro on metal strips. The velcro holds the solar panel very securely and it all fits inside the case to protect in during travel. I zip tied aluminum pieces to increase the surface area of the velcro but judging from how secure the industrial velcro is, they may not be necessary. Closeup on the main power switch. This switch totally disconnects the battery and all charging. Notice Marine 12 volt cigarette lighter in the lower corner of the box.

Notice round switches to the right of the inverter and volt meter. Wiring Diagram portable solar generator wiring diagram Below I show you what I used and suggest for building your own DIY portable solar generator.

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This is an older site. For my professional site and contact information, visit AE Innovations. I updated them recently to use LEDs; here’s how to do it. They are bright enough to see well at night, but not so bright that they interfere with your vision or attention while driving. They can be turned off simply by unplugging the adapter from the cigarette lighter socket.

Jan 13,  · However, does anyone know where to find a write up on putting a standard power port back in that hole instead of a cigarette lighter? One that will actually get power without key being in on or accessory position.

Found all sorts of goodies when i stumbled on to it thanks to this site Originally Posted by toneyhodges I agree with you on the salesman doing their job. A lot of dealers have one or two salespeople to sell Corvettes only because they are usually educated on the car better than just any salesman or saleslady there. Reminded of a funny story about buying my first Vette, which I did locally. It was in late ’87 and was ordering an ‘ As I have done in the past when buying a new car, brought a sheet with exactly what I wanted showing the MSRP and “Dealer Cost” for each option and gave it to the sales manager.

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However he was trying to tell me some things about the car as I drove it to fill it up with gas, which he paid for. He showed me the two compartments behind each seat!

Installing an Auxiliary 12v Outlet

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