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There are a variety of reasons you may not be hearing source audio on another device when using an HDMI cable; the settings may not be correct on one of the devices, the hardware may be faulty or the cable itself may be bad. If you do not want to output the audio through the HDMI cable, you will need to connect the audio to the TV using a different cable and then specify that you want the audio output through that cable on the cable box. PC After connecting your computer to a TV or other external display using an HDMI cable, you must change the computer’s audio settings so that the computer’s audio is directed through the HDMI cable to ensure the computer’s audio is transmitted to the external device. While the computer’s display may automatically be detected by an external device, the audio feed is not picked up unless the computer’s settings are changed. You can check your computer’s settings by opening the Control Panel and then selecting “Hardware and Sound. Make sure the volume is turned up on these devices and not just on the TV. Other Issues Make sure the HDMI cable is firmly connected to the source device and the device to which it is being connected.

How to Change a 4-Prong Dryer Cord and Plug to a 3-Prong

You can also use the television as a large monitor for surfing the Internet or showing videos and photos. You can learn how to hook up a computer to TV by selecting the type of cord that works with the ports in both devices. The newer your devices are, the more easily the setup can be completed. Steps Computer Type 1 Determine which of the following computers you want to hook up to the television.

For example, if you buy a new dryer set up for a 4-prong cord, you can replace the cord with a 3-prong version to fit a 3-slot receptacle in your home. To do this means following a procedure similar to this project, but in reverse—removing the 4-prong cord and installing a 3-prong cord.

No, his problem is a little stranger than that. The issue went all the way up to Executive Escalations. After all of this effort and nonsense explanations that solved nothing, one tech happened to hook up component cables instead of HDMI. The tradeoff for this, however, is no more high-definition programming. For months after starting with Dish, pause or fast-forward for recorded or live TV caused a loss of audio, restorable only be turning the TV off and on literally thousands of times.

Various false fixes from dozens of calls to Dish included changing DVRs twice and the HD cable for another of their garbage standard cables and their second tier techs saying it was a software issue they were working on to be available in another month or two. Finally another tech came out, identified the problem as their garbage HD cable; hooked up composite cables to solve loss of sound issue but deprive me of HD picture quality which I pay extra for.

Then she failed to call me back in spite of several voice messages. Another Executive Resolutions member, [H], told me he personally gets HD quality picture with composite cables something their tech and my eyes tell me is impossible and Dish would do nothing further to resolve the issue.

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What is a type A bulb? Type A bulb is a normal incandescent bulb. What happens if I exceed the wattage listed on the product?

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Rating Newest Oldest Best Answer: Modern laptop computers have a number of video features that can make watching movies and other video enjoyable, but they still generally can’t compare to the experience of watching those same movies on your home TV. Hooking up your laptop to a TV or HDTV set with an s-video input is actually quite easy, and with only a few minutes of configuring you will be able to use your TV in just the same manner that you would use an external monitor.

Best of all, the only additional component that you will need is a single s-video cable. S-video cable Step1Plug the s-video cable into your laptop’s s-video output socket. The other end of the cable should be plugged into your TV’s s-video input. Make sure that both of the cables are inserted securely, taking care to keep a little bit of slack in the cable to avoid accidentally unplugging it or putting your laptop at risk of being pulled into the floor if something touches the cable.

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Hooking the Wii up to the TV is a quick process, and you can be playing games in just a couple of minutes! See Step 1 below to get started. Steps 1 Check what kinds of connectors your TV supports. These are typically colored Red, White, and Yellow. Newer TVs may also support component five-pronged connectors.

Nov 13,  · but the tv is cos it is getting a change of colour on the hdmi symbol when i do so (what i mean is that if i unplug it some times it dose not pick it back up once i plug it back in) i have had three leads now so it is not the lead??

That said… we thought a pretty good place to start is to take a look at the backside connection panel on a fairly typically flat panel television of today and describe what each connection does. Take a look at this picture. We added numbers to the picture, circled numbers 1 — 8. Below the picture we provide a brief description of the connection points on the TV, by number, and how you might want to use that connection point. Throughout this article we link to other articles so if you want or need more information or maybe a photo of what something looks like you can quickly research that topic too.

TV Inputs and Outputs, unraveling what may seem complex. And in even a few cases, based on the manufacturer make and model of TV, some of these connection points can be programmed by you, the user, to do something different. For example, an audio input can be programmed by you to be an audio output. The goal of this article is to help as many people as possible with the more common ways of how to hook up a tv.

How do i hook up a surround sound system to my Emerson TV?

November 18, Your complete quick guide to connecting your keyboard. If you are just starting out with your home recording studio set-up, the first thing you may wish to do is find out how to connect a MIDI keyboard or digital piano up to your computer. This will enable you to use any interactive MIDI software products:

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xbox one with component cables?

Again, simply connect the cable to the VGA input on the TV or monitor, hook it up to your Wii, switch on the display device, and ensure that the input select option is set to VGA. This is an increasingly rare collection of five inputs, two for audio, three video. For audio, this means red is right, left is white. With the cable connected at both ends, select the correct input mode on your remote control; note that if the TV has Progressive Scan, this will need to be enabled before you can see images from the Nintendo Wii.

This video explains in more detail: Make sure you get the right cables in the right ports!

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