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Buying from the Merchant Nice to meet you. I decided to make this FAQ since a lot of people have quite some difficulty completing all the dates. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed making this FAQ. I’ll be sure to credit you! This FAQ will guide you to getting the dates for every single one of the twenty-five dateable characters. Character Dating is not dating per se. It’s more of hanging out with the character.

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But he soon finds it fun to play Cupid, and he decides to pair up every shinobi he knows with their One True Love. I told you it would be messed up! Anyway, time for Kakashi’s next Cupid Crusade That would have made a better or at least more original story title Back to the story. Kakashi’s eye wouldn’t stop twitching.

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Edit When team 7 is reunited with the exception of Sasuke Uchiha, Team 7 goes over their first test as a team once more: During this bell test, Sakura shows off her strength by punching the ground to find Kakashi. Stunned by her power, he stands there motionless. Throughout the arc, she is shown battling alongside her sensei proudly while showing off her strength. After returning from fighting one of the Akatsuki members and encountering Sasuke for the first time in three years, Sakura returns to Konoha with her teammates to give intel of the events to Kakashi.

Five Kage Summit Arc Edit Kakashi stops Sasuke from killing Sakura When Sakura approaches Naruto and confesses to him that she loves him, Kakashi is one of the many who are shown watching suspiciously and forbids Yamato from interfering in the conversation between the teammates. When she leaves, he is informed by Sai ‘s clone of the purpose behind Sakura’s fake confession to to keep Naruto at bay while she sets out to personally kill Sasuke. Knowing that the medical nin was no match for the Uchiha , he chases after her following the ink clone, which later disappears after Sakura uses a smoke bomb to knock her teammates out, and Kakashi rushes to her location.

Upon arriving, he saves Sakura just in time to stop Sasuke’s attack. Furious at Sasuke for trying to kill his own teammate, Kakashi then orders the medical nin to aid Karin who was heavily wounded at the time being. Sakura protests and asks him what about himself, to which he claims that Sakura shouldn’t burden herself on killing Sasuke and, as Sasuke’s teacher, he should be the one to stop him.

Sakura reluctantly relents and leaves with Karin to heal her. Contemplating his feelings being the same as the Third Hokage ‘s, the two Sharingan users clash. Sakura, who is mentally shattered of what Sasuke has become, leaves Karin and rejoins the battle.

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Reading Icha Icha book series developed by Jiraiya. Goals To protect Konohagakure and Ninja world from oncoming evil threats. I will never forget.

Mar 10,  · any dating site > search keyword “gamer” > bam seems kinda obvious , Mar 10, muffasa1 Long live the Blue Blur. Joined: Oct 5, Kakashi_Senseii said.

Well, since I spent far too long writing and shittally drawing this up for her, I thought I might share it with you all in case anyone was interested. So please enjoy this really long explanation featuring finger drawings done on my phone using the Notes App on the iphone. Guess who hates seeing Kakashi wearing this???

You can pay me back later in a tbd favour. At the time my story starts, that stuff is worn down by now. But, it kind of inspires the type of clothing he wears. At this point in time, the Uzumaki have not signed a treaty with the village. There are no pauldrons the shoulder armour and no tasset the skirt looking thing that covers the crotch and upper thighs. Tobirama and Hashirama and later Madara give him shit for this but he says it weighs him down and refuses to wear it.

It sits directly above his cloth mask, ending just below his jaw.

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Dating was never an option. Kakashi was out of the village most of the time. When he was around, he was busy reading, sleeping and training Team 7 — aka, more reading.

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Synopsis Naruto and Sai are hiding behind a rock observing the Tenchi Bridge when they spot Orochimaru ‘s subordinate on the bridge. Naruto hears the sound of a bell and turns around to see Sasori , inside of his Hiruko puppet and dressed in the Akatsuki robe, walking towards the bridge. Naruto and Sai attempt to use taijutsu to attack Yamato, but Yamato is able to avoid all of them and kick Naruto, citing that their attacks are not good enough.

Naruto and Sai head towards Yamato once more, criss-crossing diagonally. Sai holds his right hand behind him so that Naruto can create a Rasengan in Sai’s palm, but Yamato is able to his Wood Release ability to cause roots to sprout from the ground, entangling Sai. Sai, however, is revealed to be none other than a Naruto shadow clone. Naruto tackles Yamato, and the real Sai, hiding behind a tree, uses his Super Beast Imitating Drawing technique to paint a snake and bring it to “life”. He sends it to wrap itself around Naruto and Yamato, but the latter uses a Body Replacement Technique to avoid being tied.

Sai runs off in search of the real Yamato, leaving Naruto tied up. Naruto and Sakura manage to locate Sai in the forest, who has captured Yamato. Yamato mentally remarks that Sai’s skill level is too high for him to just be an alternate on this team, and believes that Tsunade had reason to doubt his placement.


Everything is different, but some things remain the same, and Kakashi must find his way home and wreak as much havoc as he can Offshoots, extras, and deleted scenes from Branches have been complied in the separate story, Twigs. Branches contains the following tropes:

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Neji and Tenten were placed in the same team along with Lee. During the Chunin Exams, Neji specifically told his team to find some information on the scrolls, and then come back to their designated spot. Later, both Neji and Tenten return, but Lee does not appear. Because of Lee’s lateness, Neji and Tenten both sleep on a tree. Neji and Tenten both search for Lee when he doesn’t get back. They intrude Team 7’s battle with the Sound Ninja and notice Lee lying on the ground.

Neji comments that Tenten’s fight would be interesting. During the Preliminary Exams when Tenten and Temari are chosen to battle, Neji notes that it will be an interesting fight, meaning he knows Tenten is a strong opponent. Team Guy shocked when Tenten is defeated. Neji and the rest of Team Guy is shocked when Tenten’s attacks are simply waved off by Temari. When Tenten is defeated, Neji comments that she fought well, despite the fact that the fight had finished rather quickly.

Tenten says that Neji is perfect and ready to go. During the fight against Neji and Naruto , she is shown to have full faith that Neji will win and highly praises him. She says there is no way Naruto could win aganist Neji and his techniques.

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Konoha at this time of day was so Heaven for the consumer, that was. It was a competitive world, and for all their geniality, the Akimichi were cutthroat businessmen when it came to their precious wares. Rumor had that the Akimichi had started spreading the image of jolly fat men in tight clothing, in order to undercut their competitors. If they had, then it worked wonders. The Akimichi dominated the scene with a combination of handmade goods and vicious marketing tactics, ranging from forcing construction to occur on avenues bearing successful competitors the damage was oddly rotund , to making children fear the image of suited lawyers and businessmen everywhere.

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